About Us

myBUSINESSPARTNERS (mBP) was organized by a group of professionals with multi-level discipline and proven local & international track records to engage in a general technology business providing various professional services and trade, and in that capacity, to conduct, undertake, manage and supervise design analysis and investigations which inherently cover relevant planning & feasibility studies, survey works, evaluation, project management, researchesand all related activities into matters and things in the field of Science, Research & Development and Technology.

mBP serve the needs of various Affiliate Companies, Manufacturers, Vendors, Consultants, Associations, Local Government Units, and Individuals as business partners who wish to offer their services in their fields of expertise needed by its Clients. mBP is also supported by group of Companies and its Affiliates as its Third Party Service Providers (TPSP) with their particular services and products that are truly Filipino. mBP group also enables non-member companies or any group or individuals but highly competent, be it small or big entities to promote their services and products within mBP’s affiliates and its Clients and to take advantage of innovation and technology in ecommerce business enterprises.