Core Competence

myBUSINESS PARTNERS fundamental values focuses on the way we grouped as competent service and product providers, treating our partners, our customers and all our staffs with utmost satisfaction they deserve to make mBP exist in many more years to come.


Customer’s satisfaction on the services done and quality products offered at competetive price , on-time delivery and good support is always our objective. 


Believing together to cooperate as a team using God’s given individual talents, skills & energy without any reservation despite any personal differences of any individuals for the common interest of everybody and the Company.


mBP believed that the best tools to work with valued Clients is honesty. The success of a Company are in the hands of a honest staffs, and therefore, they are big asset of the Company.


mBP believed that we can train skills but passion is inborn to few people. They always loves to do extraordinary things better than anybody else … we love to engage these people and we continue to catch them to better serve our customers, partners and the company … they are always welcome to join mBP.


We always endeavour to fullfil our commitment to the satisfaction of all parties concern. The timeline according to the Terms of Reference, Contract, Memorandum of Agreement as agreed between parties must be meet under normal circumtances … to gain respect as a world class services and/or products providers.


mBP understand that continous development and updating our services and/or products to fast changing technology in any kind of business is the key to be more competitive and to take the lead…Change to make the difference in a better way not only to survive but to enjoy to the fullest…


mBP believes that knowledge is infinite. We train our staff to be kind enough and share the knowledge & expertise they have with one another to build and equip themselves as solutions provider always ready to address the challenges in their day to day work activities for their professional advantage, as the more you share your knowledge & expertise, the more you become respected and powerful.


mBP believes that all things are created and owned by Almighty God, for without him nothing exist in this world. Regardless of our religious belief & affiliations, we must have strong Faith in Him that he will provide us all our temporal needs, guide us in all the things that we do, give us strength of mind & body, always protect us from all evil and every danger wherever we are. All in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.